Engrave your tree

Engraving in a glass block is a great way to immortalize your family tree.

But it is also the ideal gift on many occasions.

A birth gift

What better gift than his family tree engraved in the glass to welcome a newborn and inscribe him forever in the family history.

It is a precious object that he will keep all his life and that he can pass on to his own children.

Ancestry tree 3 generations

The child, his parents and his grandparents with their birth dates.

Size 60x60x60 mm

Weight 540g

Price €19200 (incl. tax, delivery included)

Click on the photo opposite to see the video.

Ancestry tree 3 generations

Ancestry tree 4 generations

The child, his parents, his grandparents and great-grandparents with their birth dates.

Size 80x80x80 mm

Weight 1280g

Price €26400 (incl. tax, delivery included)

Click on the photo opposite to see the video.

Ancestry tree 4 generations

Many possibilities

Whether for a party, an anniversary or simply to treat you, a family tree engraved in the glass will always be a gift appreciated by its recipient.

Object of memory as well as decoration, it will go through the years without losing anything of its elegance and transparency.

For example, your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary; offer them a genealogy block with their parents and their children, or their children and grandchildren.

Size 100x100x100 mm

Weight 2500g

Price €32400 (incl. tax, delivery included)

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While many configurations are possible, not all of them are.

Unlike ancestry trees which, by definition, always have the same structure, progeny trees can take extremely diverse forms.
If a person always has two ascendants (known or not), she may have many descendants that could be difficult to fit into a block.

If you have questions about the feasibility of your project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will tell you whether or not it is feasible.

Arbre mixte 5 générations

The technology

The technique used is that of deep laser engraving in optical quality glass (d=2,5).

First, your .3dgenv file is adapted to be completely contained in the block you have chosen.

Then we create a digital model of your tree (model that you can view in the form of a video).

This digital model is then transformed into a cloud of dots. There can be millions of them for a progeny tree.

Next, this cloud of dots is transferred to the engraving machine which generates a laser impact at each of these dots.

Click on the photo opposite to see the video.

Engraving process

How to proceed

If you are not a subscriber, you can use this form to enter people in the tree (ancestry only). This form will allow you to open the tree in the software.

If you are a subscriber, launch the software (menu Connect) then generate or open the tree you want to engrave (file .3dgenv).

Once the tree is open in the software, the "Engrave" menu allows you to send a simulation request specifying the type of block chosen as well as the format of the dates:

  • Birth dates only JJ-MM-AAAA (recommanded for birth gifts)
  • Typical dates: Birth-Death YYYY-YYYY
  • Without dates

From the digital model (see above) we generate a video (such as the one on the right) that we send you as well as a pro-forma invoice and a secure link for payment.

If the video suits you and upon receipt of your payment, we register your block to the manufacturing schedule (allow 10-15 days).

ATTENTION - We only make deliveries in metropolitan France and in the other countries of the European Union.

Video Mockup

LED light bases

The luminous bases allow you to highlight your family tree engraved in a glass block.

You will find several models at our partner Zephyr 3D. We recommend the following ones:

LED light base